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Any fitness program you decide to be a part of requires change! Cleopatra’s Army requires you to take a deeper look into your exercise regimen, your diet, and your sleep schedule. When you improve on those 3 things, your whole life can change. Here are some things we think you should know before starting our latest online program:

The Truth About Training Your Glutes


Training your glutes is more than just doing a bunch of squats every day. Our workouts are going to be dynamic and include multiple exercises that target different parts of the glutes. You will have to incorporate both; bodyweight and weight-training/resistance training into your workouts in this program. Weight training isn’t mandatory but resistance training is! If you need some resistance bands for the house click here.

Yes, you still have to do cardio! However, we will do cardio that is going to be focused more on resistance, like biking.

Rest & Recovery

As I said, squats every day is a bust. Training every day is NOT good because your body needs time to rest and recover. Those days off are just as important as those days on.

Sleep is a crucial factor that people tend to overlook. Sleep ensures muscle growth, recovery, and illness prevention. We encourage 7-9 hours of sleep each night and will help you find ways to make fall asleep seamlessly.


You always hear things like gains are 70% nutrition and 30% exercise OR maybe you heard it’s 80/20, either way, you should know the right diet is crucial to this process.

You don’t have to be in a caloric surplus the entire time, but to gain, you will need to eat more and eat at the right times. While there’s a lot of hype behind protein, we can’t neglect our carbs! Protein and carbohydrates are both necessary in order to build muscle, not one or the other. Don't worry though, our meal guide that comes with the program will walk you through all of this! The best part is we tailor it to you and your needs. That's a big reason why there are limited slots.

That just about covers what you need to know before signing up for this program. Registration begins July 1st (tomorrow) and workouts will be released Monday, July 5th. If you have more questions please email See you in training Army Bratz!

Commander Cleo + Team

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