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Benefits of Hiking

Training outdoors is always a good move. "But why hiking?" You may ask...

Like most cardio exercises, Hiking reduces the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and even high cholesterol. If that's not enough for you, keep reading.

Hiking can help keep you calm.

Exercise can be great for kicking stress in the ass, but what makes hiking special is the fact that it's done outdoors. Hiking can connect you with nature and put your mind at ease.

While other activities like kayaking and cycling are outdoors, they're not as simple

as just going on a hike. Hiking can happen pretty much anywhere with a little elevation.

Hiking can help grow your glutes.

If you're new to consistent training, hiking can definitely help grow your glutes. If you're not new to this you can add in walking lunges as part of your hike. If you are on level terrain without a lot of rocks then mix in some sets of walking lunges with the focus of pushing off the heel of the front foot and with a slight forward torso angle. This will lead to more glute engagement.

Take longer steps when going uphill. Longer steps will engage the glutes more than short ones. Focus on pushing off the heel for the most glute engagement. Carry a weighted pack to increase resistance. With this watch how heavy you go as it also increases the risk of injury on rough terrain.

I love hiking. It's fun, even when it gets a little tough. Cleopatra's Army just began hosting weekly hikes for our Army Bratz in LA. Every Saturday in Los Angeles, we'll be soaking up the views of Los Angeles' best hikes. For more info click here.

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