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How Online Training Boosted My Confidence

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Hesitant about online training? I used to be.

I've been instructing and taking online workout classes since the beginning of quarantine, exactly a year ago. My most important takeaway from all this online training is the confidence boost it gave me. Allow me to explain...

Everything's digital now and at first, I was super hesitant. I didn't like teaching online in settings where I can't see everyone I'm training and I couldn't do hands-on corrections. Plus, live workouts are so different from pre-recorded ones, there's a lot less room for error! But how could I quit? I had all these clients depending on me.

After some zoom hacks of people calling me racial slurs, IG lives where men would say creepy things while I trained, something dawned on me. There were so many positives I was overlooking.

The positives:

- On-Camera Practice (I plan on being on the big screen one day)

- A chance to interact with people from all over the world

- Great workouts you can do anywhere

- My brand was growing because of my visibility

- I'm helping inspire people to take their health & wellness more seriously

Once I really absorbed this and stopped focusing on the reasons I didn't like online training, I showed up to classes with a whole different attitude. Now I've become a great online trainer/student, and which has led me to create things like The #HomeBodyProject, and Sunday Session.

Make online training work for you. And if you need help, Cleopatra's Army has got your back!

- Commander Cleo

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