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Change your thinking, change your life

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

I spent this past weekend in what’s probably my second favorite city, Atlanta. I came just for Pretty Girl Sweat Fest! My goal was to workout, meet new people, and get advice from women within the fitness industry, and I did just that.

Whenever I had downtime during my trip I’d pick up my borrowed copy of How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell. If you’re an entrepreneur I would definitely suggest giving this book a read. I love books that force me to question the way I think and motivate me to become a better person & business woman.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

“What if the place you work had an environment hostile to creativity, and you possess little ability to change it? One possibility is to change jobs. But what if you desire to keep working there despite the negative environment? Your best option is to find a way to spend time with other creative people.

Creativity is contagious.”

I chose this quote because I can’t remember how many times I used to blame my environment for my lack of ability to come up with fun, new ideas for Cleopatra’s Army. Whether it was my disastrous at home life, or my shitty job as a hostess that I couldn’t quit because I needed the money. IT WAS NOT AN EXCUSE! You have to find ways to be around creative people or force yourself into creative spaces. No matter what profession you are in, creativity is going to help you move forward.

That’s why events like Pretty Girls Sweat Fest are so important. I was surrounded by women encouraging each other to think creatively, forget the status quo, and chase their dreams. And even now that I had the opportunity to quit my job, move into my own apartment, I make sure I still keep that desire to put myself in creative spaces. Like Maxwell said, creativity is contagious!

Question to ask yourself:

Am I working to break out of my “box” of limitations so that I can explore ideas and options to experience creative breakthroughs?

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